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Reasons why you may not be sleeping at night

We all love to sleep, don’t we. Especially during a week. Tired after school or work, we just count hours to that moment when we lay down on bed, snuggling to our sheets. However, sometimes we have problems with falling asleep even if we are tired. One such night is very tiring and if such state goes on for a longer period we are talking about a sleep disorder from that moment. But OK, the fact that you know you have problems with sleeping doesn’t seem to help you a bit. What you should be interested in is why are you having these problems.

The truth is that only the heaviest sleep disorders require the help of a specialist. In the majority of cases, where these problems are rather mild and sporadic, you will be able to pinpoint the cause of this disorder which will allow you to address the problem with proper counter-measures. The first, most frequent reason for temporary insomnia is stress. Here, we can make a division. There is a type of stress concerning something that is about to happen, for example an exam or a public performance. You are so stressed out about the very idea of that event that you simply cannot fall asleep. If that is the case with you than tough luck, not much you can do about it, apart from taking some tranquilizers or sleeping pills. However, there is also a possibility that a prolonged state of stress that you have already experienced (and, most probably, are still experiencing it) has taken its toll on your brain. Many people who, for example, have a stressful job often complain about such disorders. In this case, you have to learn to manage your stress. Read the literature on the topic and try natural remedies that reduce stress.

There is also a possibility that you cannot sleep because of, paradoxically, tiredness. If you will strain your body too much and won’t give it enough rest the brain will be forced to take a debt. That debt ought to be paid off during the next rest. If it isn’t then your body becomes more and more tired. In this state, brain finds it very difficult to fall asleep. You just lie in bed with your head aching and cursing at the sleep that doesn’t want to come. In this case only medications can help. You can try some melatonin for sleep as well. Then, do not forget that you do not want to lead yourself in such state ever again.

There are obviously many other possible reasons for sleeping disorders. However, these mentioned above seem to be the most common one Visit our store.


A family time outdoors with a good first aid kit

Hello everyone! So, the weekend has finally arrived and you are planning to
spend your free time together with your whole family in a forest or on a beach. That is a wonderful idea because our bodies need some fresh air from time to time, you get your dose of vitamin D from sunlight, and it helps you forget about the stresses of the everyday life. However, if you are planning that kind of R&R then, apart from snacks, cold beverages, and sunscreen, you mustn’t forget about a first aid kit, especially if you are taking kids with you.


Obviously, we are not talking about a heavy case like the one shown on the picture or that doctors carry. We’re talking about a small and handy package that will contain everything that is needed to aid the most common problems encountered on such trips. Usually, drivers will have a first aid kit in their cars but you don’t always take your car, right? Therefore, what should you take with you in a kit like that?

First of all, band-aids. If you are spending time outdoors with lively kids then it is simply a must. Small children get new bruises and scratches during their plays and games more often than you can imagine. Obviously, for them it is nothing but you know that all that it takes is some dirt to infect a scratch and cause serious problems. That is why you have to make sure the band-aid you have in your kit are both antibacterial and resistant to water and dirt as your kid is more then sure to get back to their games the second you put it on their scratch. Moreover, pack some sterile dressings, antiseptics, and adhesive cloth tape rolls should someone get a bigger scratch a band-aid cannot cover. Make sure you also have scissors to cut these bandages and the tape. For a trip to a forest tweezers are also a must. Your kids are almost certain to come to you with a splinter in their finger. Finally, make sure you have special cream or gel for bee stings and bug bites. Sometimes it happens that a wasp stings you or your kid. In this case, it is what you will need to aid the ailment quickly (unless there is a strong allergic reaction – if that happens get to the nearest hospital ASAP).

Obviously, this is not a complete first aid kit that you can pack to your car and be safe during police check-ups. This is rather a kit you should always have with you during small, one day trips to a nearby forest or a park with your family. Having it will allow your kids to quickly forget about a scratch or a splinter and help you stop worrying about your children.

The importance of a good breakfast

Hello everyone! Let me ask you one thing: do you eat breakfast regularly? If yes, then good for you. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that a lot of you will answer no. Each one of you will probably have a different excuse:

– “Honey, I’m already late for work!         

– “Not for me, I’m on a diet”

– “No, thank you. I’ve already eaten some cookies”

Sounds familiar, right? You have to know that such a habit is more harmful
to your body than you might think. What is worse, our children suffer becuase
of the current pace of life as well: “Here, take 5 dollars, buy yourself a pack
of chips at school.” That is definitely not the healthy way.

OK, so why is it important to have breakfast in the first place? Remember
that your body is not operating on batteries. As you begin a new day you
need this breakfast to refill your fuel. How do you expect to have a good day and function properly if you have a late start. Granting your body with this portion of energy will allow you to unlock the full potential of your body. This translates into better concentration, higher brain activity (so things like memory and reasoning will get boosted), and better physical condition. As you can see having breaksfast helps you at your workplace and your kid in school. That is why you should always make sure that every member of the family gets to eat their breakfast.

But what to have for breakfast exactly? The basic rule is that a bad breakfast is better than none. However, this does not mean that you should take your kid to McDonald’s every morning. As it was already mentioned, breakfast is meant to refill your fuel. Even a traditional saying states “eat breakfasts like a king, dinners like a wiseman, and suppers like a beggar”. Therefore, it has to give you a lot of energy. The best source of it are full-grain foods (dark bread, cereal) and protein-ridden foods (meat, eggs). Add some juice to it and you and your family will get a tremendous boost right from the morning, and a good morning equals good day.

Finally, be sure to watch this short clip from YouTube about the importance of breakfast. The interesting part begins at 1:30 so feel free to skip ahead to that part.  Stay healthy and make sure to eat a proper breakfast!

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